Portfolio: 2018

I learnt a lot about oil paints this year and found that I LOVE them a lot. The first oil piece I ever made is the one of the beautiful sphinx cat. I’ve just begun creating oil paintings on canvases and in my sketchbook in hopes of completing a series before the year ends. I took to studying Vincent Van Gogh’s art style by recreating a famous portrait painting of his on canvas.

I’ve also pushed my limits with acrylics – the artwork titled Decomposition is the largest piece I’ve painted yet, measuring 24″X30″ and taking 5 months to complete.

“What is done in love is done well.”
– Vincent Van Gogh


Aside from dabbling in yet another new art medium, I also worked on my watercolor and people drawing skills, particularly a series of witches I started at the beginning of the year. Some of the witches below are available for purchase as stickers as well. It’s a continuous series I hope to carry on to the next year.