The Making of ‘Decomposition’

If you haven’t heard, this piece was recently exhibited in my first ever group art exhibition. It’s one of the largest works on canvas I’ve done, so I’m pretty stoked about it. The whole process took me about 5 months from start to completion – I even had a month in between where I was thoroughly uninspired and kept the artwork out of sight. Thankfully my motivation picked up again after, and I managed to complete it. I even submitted it to UOB Painting of the Year 2018 and was […]

PIVOTAL: My First Group Art Exhibition

PIVOTAL DATE: 20 November 2018 – 1 January 2019 VENUE: The LINC KL HOURS: 10AM-10PM ADMISSION: Free I am super excited to announce that I became part of an amazing group art exhibition that features emerging artists and first time exhibitors (like myself). It is titled ‘Pivotal’ as such, for the artists to showcase their most pivotal pieces that transformed/accelerated their career. As for me, I don’t have a career in art (I’m a graphic designer) but I find that this helps boosts my credibility in the creative industry, and […]

Procreate + Apple Pencil

I recently had the crazy urge to splurge on the new Apple Pencil and the 2018 iPad (which is so affordable). All for the sake of trying out Procreate app (which was yet another purchase I had to make, but so worth it!) I won’t go on and on about the amazing Apple Pencil because it just works and it one of the most superb stylus tools with no lag and perfect precision. A review on such a hands-on product is hard to translate into words, so I made a […]

Inktober 2018!

I’ve never been one to follow through on Inktober. I thought I would this year, but things didn’t pan out. In the end though, I decided to create 4 spooky themed artworks with full scenes, in black and white. It’s really interesting to use only black watercolor paint to render a full scene. It takes a LOT of layers to build up depth in an image, especially with watercolor. Here are the 4 illustrations I made.   View this post on Instagram   CAT WHISPERER: She goes to the cemetery […]

Learning perspective with The Urban Sketching Handbook

Perspective drawing has never been my strength – even back when I was learning and studying the subject full-time as an art student. I hated drawing lines. My hand is such that whenever I try to draw a straight line, it would falter and curve somewhere in the middle. It may be a matter of practice, but I’ve always been put off by the idea of practicing how to draw straight lines. It was this laziness and manner of thinking that shaped my work – organic and loose lines that […]

What I learnt from copying a Van Gogh painting

If you looked through my 2018 portfolio page, you will find a portrait of Vincent Van Gogh. The challenge initially started when I was visiting the Van Gogh Museum in Amsterdam, and found that they were pricing €80 for an A3-sized poster of his works at the gift shop. Sure, it was a reproduction of the true original and yes, we will be contributing towards the preservation of his works in the museum – but I could not will myself to fork out that much money for a print! So […]