PIVOTAL: My First Group Art Exhibition

DATE: 20 November 2018 – 1 January 2019

I am super excited to announce that I became part of an amazing group art exhibition that features emerging artists and first time exhibitors (like myself). It is titled ‘Pivotal’ as such, for the artists to showcase their most pivotal pieces that transformed/accelerated their career.

As for me, I don’t have a career in art (I’m a graphic designer) but I find that this helps boosts my credibility in the creative industry, and allows my painting hobby to become more than just a pastime. The showcase is set at The Linc KL, a new mall in the heart of the city that caters to niche markets and creativity. Honestly, it’s so my kind of place. Plus it’s accessible via train from where I’m at.

Here are some of the images from the exhibition that I took during the opening night.

The person behind The Art Seni (A collective that does art tours in an effort to bridge art & people together) is Aza Iza, who is one of the most passionate and driven person I’ve had the pleasure to know. Even before the conception of The Art Seni, she has shown her love and interest in local arts – and refreshingly, for emerging artists and not just the established ones.


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Pulling of the Pivotal exhibition was definitely a great challenge and more amazingly, Aza pulled through despite needing to keep up with school work (she’s majoring in early childhood education) and managing the artworks from all the artists, and the set-up for this exhibition. Now that’s what I call a real hustler.

The artwork I chose to exhibit was a piece titled DECOMPOSITION, featuring tapirs. The entire piece showcases the circle of life of the endangered tapir – you can see the mom, the baby tapir and the skull of a dead tapir. The mom tapir is slowly decomposing, so you can sort of see her bones and flora growing out of her.

I love this sort of beautiful but dark representation in my work, as I find that juxtaposition really interesting. People are subconsciously drawn to darker things, and it is the lurking darkness of these things that intrigues them.


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Do follow The Art Seni on Instagram, and you can contact them directly for curated art tours and collaborations.

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