Procreate + Apple Pencil

I recently had the crazy urge to splurge on the new Apple Pencil and the 2018 iPad (which is so affordable). All for the sake of trying out Procreate app (which was yet another purchase I had to make, but so worth it!)

I won’t go on and on about the amazing Apple Pencil because it just works and it one of the most superb stylus tools with no lag and perfect precision. A review on such a hands-on product is hard to translate into words, so I made a video which would hopefully make things easier to understand. Before that, I’d like to just list down some of the best things about this combo.

With the iPad, I didn’t need to bring my sketchbook and an assortment of pencils, pens and watercolor palettes with brushes and water. It used to feel super heavy whenever I traveled with all the tools above lugged around in my bag – and getting stopped at airport security because of my painting water! This has now changed once I switched to drawing digitally. I still use my sketchbooks and traditional media, but definitely not when I’m traveling abroad.

Once you lose a sketchbook, it’s probably gone forever with little to no hope of recovering it. When you lose your iPad though… you can still access your work IF you diligently save everything to the Cloud/Dropbox/Google Drive. Procreate allows you to save files as Procreate or Photoshop working files, which is super useful. The only downside is that losing an iPad costs you 1,000X more than a sketchbook.

Made a mistake? Just undo. I’ve been so used to tapping to undo that I sometimes tend to do it when I’m using actual paint… to my dismay. It’s a very useful tool to have, but my advice is to not get too used to it or you wouldn’t be careful enough with your work, which is actually a bad habit to develop.

Just like using a real pencil/pen/brush, the Apple Pencil has great pressure sensitivity and tilt detection. Therefore, drawing on a screen feels almost like drawing on paper, except for the fact that there is no texture and grit. The smoothness of pencil on glass does take some getting used to.

This is probably the best feature ever. The app records each of your brushstrokes making you seem like you’re super good once it’s complete. It’s so useful since it saves time from setting up – I used to mount my GoPro above my desk when I’m working on a painting, and a lot of factors like lighting, angle and such makes the whole process very tedious. So adding a timelapse option was a superb move by Procreate.

There’s way too much to say about the Procreate app except that it is amazing! It’s got everything you could ever need, and a great platform for people like me who are new to digital art. Here’s the short video I created, featuring timelapse videos of the first few works I did on the iPad.

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